Lance Nicolai is one of the busiest performing mentalists in Iowa. At a very young age, he realized he had a special gift called intuition. He first learned of his intuitive abilities when he was able to guess the exact card his dad selected out of the deck. 
One day during college, Lance was challenged with the question, "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" Later that night, Lance was watching his favorite show The Mentalist. Instantly he knew that reading people's thoughts was exactly what he wanted to do. 
After college, Lance spent a couple of years working in the West Des Moines Community School District. He spent time testing his abilities before and after school until he mastered his craft. Lance decided to leave the classroom to pursue his dream of reading minds while being a positive impact on society. He combined these two passions to become a Motivational Mentalist. 
His natural charisma and charm make him the perfect choice for corporate events and private parties. Lance’s unique mind-reading abilities is an interactive experience that is redefining entertainment.
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What is Mentalism?  
Think of it as “magic of the mind”. Lance uses certain techniques and intuition to get inside your head. He is able to guess pin codes, birth dates, vacation destinations, etc. Every show is different because every person is different, adding to the element of excitement and surprise. 
What is a Motivational Mentalist?
Lance uses his mind reading gift to motivate and entertain his audiences. He shares his personal life experiences that will inspire your audience to have more confidence in themselves and discover the special gifts they already possess. 
Why choose Mentalism?
Mind reading represents a power most people wish they had. If you like action movies, chances are you envision yourself being the hero. If you like rock concerts, you probably dream of being on stage playing a guitar. People are drawn to entertainment that they wish they could do and is the main reason people will be on the edge of their seats during the performance. Give your audience an experience of a lifetime that they will never regret. 
Is Lance psychic? Can he give me the winning lotto numbers?
Lance has spent years developing his intuition and learning how to analyze people's decision-making process. He is neither a fortune teller nor a psychic and does not claim to have supernatural powers. Lance will be the first to tell you that if he knew the future, he would have won the lottery by now! 
Is Lance’s show suitable for my next work function? 
Absolutely! Lance provides a unique form of interactive entertainment that is perfect for almost any corporate event. It is a great icebreaker that has people laughing, smiling, and engaged. Lance can make your next event memorable and talked about for years to come! 
What size crowds does Lance perform for?
Whether you are planning a small intimate dinner for several people or a company holiday party for several hundred, Lance is able to tailor his performance to fit your needs. 
Does Lance travel?
Yes indeed. Lance performs throughout the Midwest. Please visit the Contact page to inquire about traveling details, availability, and quotes. 
 How much does Lance charge?
Unfortunately, there is no way to answer that question without knowing more details about your specific event. Rates vary based on a variety of factors, including the type of performance, the size of the group, the travel requirements, and day of the week. Please visit the Contact page to inquire about availability and quotes.