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Experience the power of the mind

Lance's shows are unforgettable and mind blowing. While his performances are fully audience interactive, Lance ensures nobody looks foolish or is forced to participate against their will. Audiences will leave with a feeling of wonder and know they have witnessed something truly unique – something they have never seen before. Lance is the perfect entertainer for those looking to deliver an extraordinary experience to their guests.

Engaging and Memorable!

Looking for entertainment that's different from anything your guests have experienced?
Ideal as after-dinner entertainment, Lance Nicolai's show is highly interactive and filled with the unexpected. Your guests will be talking about it for days!
Suitable for groups of virtually every size and venue, from living rooms to large banquet halls. Duration is tailored to meet the needs of your event.
How is that even possible?

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Great Day Morning Show - Lance Nicolai

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<p>Sarah - company party&nbsp;</p>


Our company really enjoyed Lance's talent. We had a virtual event, and he was sure to have lots of audience members participate during the show. He always kept the crowd going, and there were some awesome tricks that left us in awe. Overall, you can't go wrong with Lance, and you'll be left amazed at what he can do. :)
<p>RACHEL MILLER - Iowa Children's Hospital</p>


It was so amazing. He was able to guess my birthday just by asking me to visualize the date on a calendar. 

 He also knew that I wanted to visit Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I have never experienced anything like this before. 

<p>Lou Sipolt - great day morning show&nbsp;</p>


We had Lance on The Great Day Morning Show Magic Monday segement.  He was amazing.  I can't believe how he was able to read our minds.  

I really want Lance to pick some lotto numbers for me.  We would love to have him on our show again

<p> Britni - Event planner&nbsp;</p>


Thank you so much for coming down Saturday night. We loved your show! All day yesterday people were still trying to figure out how you knew the things you did – so much fun!  I will definitely recommend you going forward. We had a great time, and thanks again!