Time for Some Virtual Fun with the Best Zoom Mentalist!

Staying in and working from home is now the new normal after the pandemic has hit us. While everyone is quarantined and locked in with no fun and entertainment, Lance Nicolai brings something extraordinary for your personal and corporate events. I understand that you had to cancel a lot of your plans due to the current situation. Staying home doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Hit me up if you want to experience the best virtual mentalism show that will leave everyone appalled.
Get everyone together for a zoom mentalism show during your corporate meetings and seminars to give a boost to your employees’ productivity. Whether you are looking for an online mentalist for a personal event or to add hype to a company event, you’ll find me at a call’s distance.
Virtual Mentalism Trailer

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What is an interactive virtual Zoom mentalism show?

A virtual Zoom show is a live performance by Lance which has been adapted to work with any size audience in a Zoom video conference. Lance will showcase his incredible mind-blowing feats of skill while constantly interacting with his audience. Throughout the show, you will get to see and hear your friends and colleagues getting their minds boggled as Lance seamlessly jumps between spotlighting himself and various guests.
These shows can be designed for corporations, adults, families, or children. Lance has performed virtual shows of every size of audience, and has hundreds of hours of experience performing mentalism for all ages. Lance's Zoom mentalism shows can vary in length from 15 to 60 minutes.


· Everyone gets to participate
· Everybody feels seated in the first row
· You get to learn some tricks as well
· You can arrange one for any occasion
· Increased engagement
· Give a sense of connection during this time of distancing
Entertainment break 
Entertainment break 
The perfect choice when you want entertainment during a conference, presentation or meeting. Give your attendees a fun break between your other, more serious planned events. You can even break up an all-day meeting with multiple 15-minute shows throughout the day. 

Duration: 15 mins - 30 mins

<p>Full Show</p>

Full Show

The perfect choice for your distanced office Christmas party, a virtual cocktail hour, a nice treat for your conference attendees, or a family event.Duration 40 mins - 60 minutes

Duration 40 mins - 60 mins