Live. Interactive. Virtual.

Finally, a way to bring people together with an Incredible Virtual Zoom Mentalism Show! A fully interactive mind reading show presentation via the Zoom platform.
In this brand new live, Zoom show, Lance will amaze and amuse your group by readind your mind from hundreds or thousands of miles away! The show is designed for all ages, and is highly interactive. You and your family won’t just be watching a screen, you will be part of the magic. Using the Zoom app, you will have a front row seat to the most magical night you’ve had in a long time!
Magoosh Performance

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What is an interactive virtual Zoom mentalism show?

A virtual Zoom show is a live performance by Lance which has been adapted to work with any size audience in a Zoom video conference. Lance will showcase his incredible mind-blowing feats of skill while constantly interacting with his audience. Throughout the show, you will get to see and hear your friends and colleagues getting their minds boggled as Lance seamlessly jumps between spotlighting himself and various guests. These shows can be designed for corporations, adults, families, or children. Lance has performed virtual shows of every size of audience, and has hundreds of hours of experience performing mentalism for all ages. Lance's Zoom mentalism shows can vary in length from 15 to 60 minutes.